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Training (Training & Professional Development)

TECH INNOVATION SOFTWARE TRAINING SESSIONS:  Engage Tech Innovation to get training your staff and administration up to speed on the latest and greatest software solutions:


TECH INNOVATION PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT SESSIONS:  Engage Tech Innovation to to take your teaching staff and administration through our advanced professional development sessions:

Exploring the Digital Playground

Roll up your sleeves for this workshop with the goal of exploring the world of open educational resources. Participants will work with cutting edge EdTech tools and begin to create their own lessons based on subject area. This copious collection of resources will offer searchable and ready to use resources that fit economically and provide rigor for student learning.

Creating your Digital Toolbox

In this course participants will build upon their exploration from the Digital Playground and begin to create and integrate within the Learning Management System of choice. Participants will explore the beginnings of a paperless classroom and offer content to students on a 24/7 basis. Collaboration will be a key component of this course as we will share our creations with colleagues throughout our PLN.

The Parent Primer

In this parent focused course, participants will be informed of the latest technology crazes, from social media to apps and hardware! We will discuss how to invite these powerful tools into the home and learning environment in a safe way! We will discuss options for home and device filtering, communication, and resources that allow parental monitoring. Social Media will be addressed and the pros and cons of each platform.  We will also address apps and resources that will assist your child to reach their potential of creativity with each device.

Appy Hour

Brace yourself for an exciting ride as our coach guides you through the introduction of new and exciting apps broken down into creation, content, and collaboration. You will find out tips on how to continue to search and stay abreast of newly released options for your classroom.  You will walk away with content and grade-level specific applications to enhance your learning!

Google Apps for Education

Google Apps is a cross curricular suite of tools that allow students and professionals to collaborate freely and immediately through text, calendars, spreadsheet, online forms, and websites.  Participants will come away with practical implementation and organizational strategies to enhance collegial communication and quality student instruction. These tools cut down on wasted time and consumables.

Teaching above the Line: Diving into the SAMR Model

True learning occurs when teachers and students are able to modify and redefine the processes and concepts being taught. In this course, participants will better understand the SAMR model and each level associated. We will also learn to integrate this model into classroom instruction and discover resources available for teaching above the line.

Google Classroom

In this course, a Google certified coach will guide participants through the components of Google Classroom. This new platform, designed to create a paperless flow of pass out and turn in helps keep teachers and students organized. Participants will leave with an understanding of how to implement this solution into their daily classroom routine and instruction.

Digital Citizenship: A must have LifeSkill

In this STUDENT driven session, a Tech Innovation Coach will discuss the components of being a digital citizen. We will discuss how the digital footprint created now will vastly impact their future with college search, job, and overall reputation. This hands on session will include activities for student groups of all ages.


If This Then That is a powerful tool for educators, business individuals, parents, or students. In this session participants will dive into the solution that allows their services to be tied together. We will look at powerful recipes that allow you to stay connected, organized, or monitor use. We will discuss the “triggers and actions” as well as create new recipes relevant to participants needs.

The Full Picture of Flipping

In this course, participants will acquire the knowledge of a Flipped Classroom and why this is beneficial for our students.  We will look at pre-created content available for your use as well as tools to easily create a screencast or video to share. Participants will leave with videos they can use immediately.

The Connected Educator: Building your PLN

Social Media allows educators to connect with not only their immediate colleagues but with educators across the globe. In this session participants will understand how to connect on twitter, google hangouts, and more. Participants will leave with a list of highly motivated educators who inspire and challenge on social media.

I Can implement iPads

In this course participants will dive into the components of implementing iPads into classroom instruction. This will include device overview, account option, app exploration, and basic security features of these devices. Participants will leave with exciting tools to integrate into the classroom setting.

Redefining Classroom Management

Classroom Management can be a challenge for any teacher and adding technology and devices can augment this task. In this course, participants will discuss the key components to keeping students on task while empowering students with choice and collaboration. We will look at apps and resources that aide in the engagement and control of the classroom setting.

The Art of Communication

Art is a creative process of expression but it is also a cross curricular tool for communication.  This course will allow for participants to affiliate and utilize art to develop strong online research abilities, quality writing and practical digital citizenship skills.

ePortfolios for Education

Portfolios are a basic way for students to show understanding. Through this course, participants will learn how to create, employ and evaluate ePortfolios in a time effective manner while ensuring student understanding and success. Participants could choose to use ePortfolios for only one set of students for a given year or as a way to track understanding from grade level to grade level for multiple content areas.


Chromebooks offer much for their price point.  They function well with Google Apps, basic internet tools, and with Chrome apps both on and offline while being customized for each user.  In this course, participants will dive into how to deploy, use and manage these machines. Participants will walk away with a plethora of practical ideas for the classroom and a school.

Coding in the Classroom

While coding may be a fad, it is certainly not an unreachable skill for students of all ages.  In this course, participants will have working knowledge of many free and paid options for helping students learn to code while understanding how to deploy them in a manageable way. These tools could be used as a stand-alone course, throughout many content areas or as a district-wide initiative.

Blended Learning

“I keep hearing about this, but how does it work?” In this course, participants will understand what blended learning can do for students, help them to create and manage their blended learning venue while ensuring high levels of achievement and student success. This blended learning environment could be tailored to be in a synchronized or asynchronous environment depending on participant or district needs.

Critical Writing = Critical Thinking

This workshop will help school leaders assist their staff in developing fluency of writing and thinking.  They will develop options for problem-solving, critical thinking and infusion of the arts.  Participants will gain time-saving strategies and creative ideas. A variety of writing and critical thinking activities that have been used successfully will be shared in this engaging, interactive presentation.

The Interactive Classroom

Interactive boards remain a key player in classroom engagement. In this session, participants will learn the functions of the interactive software, capture, and galleries, associated with the boards or tablets in your classroom. Participants will leave with lessons created based on content and subject area.