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Partner with Tech Innovation:  Make additional profit for your company and your reps!  Selling 1:1 solutions into K-12 school districts can be very challenging, competitive and hard for most sales people. Let Tech Innovation be your partner. Tech Innovation can bring your company years of experience that will help you establish new business models that add significant margin to your bottom line.

Knowledge & Sales Experience:  1:1 programs are often one of the most difficult programs
school districts will encounter. Let Tech Innovation work with your local sales and implementation teams to consult pre and post sale on these 1:1 deployments.

Unlimited Customer Financing:  Remove cash flow issues and credit facilities by partnering with Tech Innovation. Due to the size of most 1:1 deals, you will gain unlimited credit by flowing the order through Tech Innovation. Sales payments will be distributed to partner company once proceeds are collected from the customer.

End-user Financing Programs:  Win bigger deals, more often by offering end-user financing programs. Tech Innovation can leverage several of its partner financing organizations to offer your clients short-term bridge or 1, 2, and 3 year lease options for as little as 0% financing.

Hardware & Software Partnerships:  Tech Innovation will help you compete and beat the largest hardware sales organizations.  Your company will also gain access to various software platforms including: Google, Microsoft, Lightspeed, Filewave, ClassroomNow and more!

Insurance Coverage: Regardless of manufacturer, selling large dollar volume
of any product can expose your company to unexpected liabilities. Take advantage of Tech Innovation’s blanket insurance policy that helps to protect both companies against unwanted legal claims.