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The beleaguered American healthcare industry is poised for disruption. From having to service the recent explosion of baby boomers with multiple chronic conditions; to providers being forced to step away from paying for services rendered and adopting a “pay for performance” model (i.e. bundled payment), thus taking on more financial risk, the industry is in need of a solution.

VoCare is the leader in developing this disruptive technology, designed to meet the evolving needs of the healthcare industry.  VoCare’s MultiPlex is the world’s first cellular, WiFi and Bluetooth enabled multi-vital diagnostic device which acts as its own hub, and offers the first free open comprehensive HIPAA compliant cloud platform. By capitalizing on two trends: the need to provide better care at lower cost, and the innovation in mobile, connected devices to provide timely clinical care, VoCare emerges as the sole and complete solution the industry requires for large scale deployments.


VoCare’s MultiPlex provides comprehensive remote patient telehealth monitoring utilizing ONEadvanced professional medical grade monitoring device, which also acts its own stand-alone wireless hub (thus eliminating the need for an additional external device such as a phone, tablet or other hub), available on all major wireless carriers worldwide as well as WiFi to allow it to be used in hospitals and other institutions. The VoCare MultiPlex combines 6 medical peripherals into a single hub that is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. The VoCare platform leverages one connected device to not only empower management of conditions such as diabetes, congestive heart failure (CHF), and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), but also to provide a complete remote monitoring platform for:

  • Blood glucose;
  • Blood pressure;
  • Pulse;
  • Pulse oximetry;
  • Temperature, and
  • Electrocardiography (ECG or EKG).

Two accessory devices, include a weight scale and a proprietary long range medical alert with fall detection/daily activity tracking are also available and work in conjunction with theMultiPlex device.  Moreover, each patient may add his own medical peripherals as desired.

VoCare’s MultiPlex collects all pertinent vitals which are immediately displayed on the device, and sends them to the open HIPAA compliant healthcare cloud where everyone designated as the healthcare team may retrieve data as needed.  This free open platform allows the patient to designate the healthcare team, which may include physicians, family, friends, home healthcare providers.  This platform also lends itself for primary use among mobile home healthcare nurses and providers or payors (those who service self-insured) who need a low-cost mobile monitoring solution. Companies and physicians’ offices alike may use VoCare’s free platform or simply tie into VoCare’s free API which allows the patient’s healthcare information to seamlessly flow into the healthcare providers’ own EMR or the payors’ population health management tool without re-entering data.

VoCare’s solution allows for lowest cost deployment and lowest overall cost of ownership for theMultiPlex device among users.  The MultiPlex device will also soon qualify for reimbursement through Medicare and other private payors. Additional subsidies are anticipated through participating mobile phone carriers as well. Many leading health plans will cover the cost of the VoCare solution to embrace those living with multiple chronic conditions. The importance of providing an effective all in one solution to better manage chronic conditions with the potential to improve health and lower the cost of care is universally understood in the healthcare community.

The VoCare solution works across all markets from consumer through all professional levels and can be purchased directly on the VoCare website or through the enterprise division of participating mobile phone providers.


  1. Consumers. Patients may purchase the MultiPlex device to monitor their own conditions (chronic or otherwise); or the patient’s family may purchase the device to monitor the health/ daily activities (fall detection) of their loved one. Adult children with elderly or ill parents are examples of this use case scenario.
  2. Home Healthcare Nurses. The convenience and low cost of using only ONE mobile device which acts as a hub as well as 6 different peripherals which can be used on all their patients is unique. Additionally, the VoCare open HIPAA compliant healthcare cloud for remote patient monitoring is free thus further driving costs down.
  3. Skilled Nursing Facilities/Assisted Living Facilities. VoCare’s MultiPlex device fits in the palm of your hand and although it is not necessary, it is economical enough for each patient to have his own to provide the designated healthcare team (which may include family, friends, and providers) with the ability to view time-stamped data.
  4. Hospitals. Recently discharged patients may be provided with VoCare’s MultiPlex device to monitor their condition through episode of care to reduce re-admissions.
  5. Physicians’ Offices. Physicians may provide VoCare’s MultiPlex device to their patients to better monitor the condition of their patients.  This enables providers to monitor their patients without workflow disruption.
  6. Payors. Payors, both governmental and private/public corporate, may utilize VoCare’sMultiPlex solution to decrease overall healthcare costs as well as providing better health outcomes.


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