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Do you need a solution for practice management company specializing in high-level staff training, protocol implementation, marketing and statistical tracking methods?

Tech Innovation has partnered with the only program offered to dental professionals with a specific focus on consumer behavior, motivation and buying tendencies as they pertain to the biology of the brain. Since patients are simply consumers in your practice, we believe this is one reason why our practices routinely achieve record growth and over 97% of them plan on staying with us for life.



Digital Dental Practice Management

Dedicated Account Manager

Monthly CEO Meeting

Digital Office Manual

Virtual Human Resources Manager

Automated Statistical & Analysis Tracking

Clinical Education & Training Solutions

Telephone Training & Mystery Calls

Treatment Plan Presentation

VIP Patient Experience

Hygiene Transformation Program

Patient Referral & Testimonial Program

Patient Photo Training & Verbiage Models

"Secret Sauce" to Treatment Acceptance

Invisalign Elite & Top 1% Program

ReCare & Outstanding Treatment Acceptance

Collections Program

Employee Presentation, Sales & Verbiage Training

Scheduling Efficiency Program

Internal & External Marketing Plan

Employee Motivational Games & Videos

Communication Protocols & Training




“There has absolutely never been anything like this offered to dental professionals before (or any other Doctor for that matter). It has everything you would ever want/need to operate an efficient and productive practice and it comes with preloaded and proven staff training videos, job descriptions, invaluable content, protocol implementation instructions for literally every single protocol you can ever imagine for a practice, clinical solutions, marketing assignments and so much more all customized specific to your practice …

It takes staff training and accountability to an entirely different level and has transformed my practice into a money making machine; but more importantly, my patient care has never been better because my employees are all on the same page, highly trained, and so much more because their program and digital platform has allowed me to standardize my office protocols and hold my team accountable for actually following them! My patient referrals are off the charts and our numbers are skyrocketing …

Whether you are a practice that is producing in the top 1% in the nation, the bottom 1% or somewhere in between, New Patient Group can and will help you in a multitude of ways. Even better, because they have automated their entire practice management program, the value it provides far supersedes the small monthly investment that literally every practice can easily afford. I will remain with them for life!”


- Dr. Brian Barton