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6 Keys To A Successful 1:1 Implemetation

Source tascmhomurray.com | Re-Tech Innovation 6/27/2016

Over the past few years, as most school budgets have remained stagnant, spending in educational technology has continued to climb. In a report entitled, “Technology in Education: Global Trends, Universe Spend and Market Outlook,“ FutureSource consulting projected that edtech spending worldwide will hit $19 billion dollars by 2018, up from $13 billion when measured in 2013. As seen many times in education, district leaders find themselves buying the stuff, pushing things out to buildings, and hoping it’ll have a positive impact. Nationwide, we see a trend where school leaders are rushing to implement 1:1, with little to no systemic implementation plan, or long-term vision for a shift in instructional pedagogy or mindset.

When implementing 1:1, we must focus on the right “1” in the 1:1, and it’s not the device.

A one-to-one device to student ratio is an excellent goal as all students deserve high quality access and need to develop technology skills to remain competitive in today’s global economy. Intel Education recently predicted that within 10 years, 80% of jobs will require technological skills. Schools can play a vital role in preparing students for their world of work, yet must systemically plan so that instructional pedagogy can shift to a more personalized, student-centered approach to learning. To support this comprehensive transformation, Samsung Education developed the “Transform Learning with Digital Curriculum” infographic. To compliment this great resource, listed below are six keys to a successful one-to-one rollout.

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