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The Importance of Student Centered Learning

Source: www.inacol.org | Re-Post Tech Innovations 5/27/2016

The American system of education was built for a society and an economy that no longer exists. The system still in place in many districts was created in the early 1900s to serve a different time with different needs. The system of the one-to-many approach to teaching and classroom-contained instruction, as well as advancement based on age-grouping or time-based Carnegie credits rather than mastery, place limits on our children’s opportunities to learn and thrive in this changing world.

Student-centered learning models personalize learning with the use of competency-based approaches. A focus exists on student agency and ownership of learning. Students co-design how they approach their learning goals and their own learning with their teachers and ALL students are held to the same high standards and expectations. Teachers use technology tools to personalize instruction. Educators analyze real-time data to differentiate instruction, customize learning and engage students in deeper learning. Students use technology to access resources, consider what’s next from real-time progress data in focusing their learning, to collaborate and communicate with others and to submit demonstrated evidence of their learning, often through projects and portfolios of work.

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