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New Report Outlines Functional Requirements for Integrated Systems to Optimize Student-Centered Learning

Source: www.inacol.org | Re-Post Tech Innovation 5/27/2016

Today, we know more than ever about how students learn, acknowledging that the process isn’t the same for every student and doesn’t remain the same for each individual, depending upon maturation and the content being learned. We know that students want to master new concepts and skills, to access a variety of resources, to receive timely feedback on their progress, to demonstrate their knowledge in multiple ways and to get direction, support and feedback from—as well as collaborate with—teachers, tutors, experts and other students. How do we take these needs into account as we support educators and prepare all of our learners for success?

Student-centered learning encompasses personalized learning, competency-based education, anytime, anywhere learning and student ownership. How districts and schools implement student-centered learning varies greatly according to the organization’s philosophy and the needs of the students.

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